Scale's mission is to design spaces that inspire, and solutions for a green, liveable future.

Scale has more than 15 years experience in residential, public and commercial work and have been recognised for our expertise in design excellence through multiple awards, publications and talks.

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This time is ours….. and yours

We find ourselves in a moment where history is being written. As a result of Covid-19, the world will change and we sincerely hope it will change for the better. We want a kinder, more considerate place, where we understand the value of slowing down time.

Scale is still fully operational, and we are committed to bringing beauty and meaning to your lives through spaces we design. Our dedication to social responsibility has always been at the heart of our small company, yet at this moment in time, is more important than ever. Get in touch with us, this time is yours.


Seven Mile Beach house

Scale’s Seven Mile Beach house is due to start construction shortly. After successfully navigating the approvals process and designing within incredibly difficult parameters, we will be stoked to see this project in the ground.


Through our extensive portfolio of projects, we have proven our ability to deliver our services on time and budget.