About Us

At Scale, we believe each project represents a unique opportunity, innovate and achieve design excellence. Working from the ground up, our open design process allows for close collaboration with clients, as well as with contractors, to create clever and enduring design. Passion for design is at the heart of all our projects, across all scales and types.

How We Work

Scale has more than 15 years experience in residential, public and commercial work and have been recognised for our expertise in design excellence through multiple awards, publications and talks. Through our extensive portfolio of projects, we have proven our ability to work on time and budget.

Our goal, as always, is to make exquisite places for people and culture.


Scale Architecture is a design led studio, specialising in end-to-end service projects, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer.

Our current portfolio of work includes cultural, educational, bespoke residential and alterations and additions.

Our BIM platfrom across allows us to work collaboratively with both clients and consultants.


Green Not Greenwash
We believe sustainability is a major concern of our time, not a mere marketing buzzword. It is our practise philosophy to research and implement genuine sustainable practices into this and every project.

Long life – Loose fit
By creating a structurally durable, yet flexible building strategy, we aim to create a robust framework for long term sustainability. Designing for both current best fit, and future adaptive re-use, ensures the building can support diverse tenants. With changing needs, over an extended period of time, the integrity of space remains, while adapted to use.

Low Carbon
We promote the use of renewable energy sources and also look more broadly at the carbon footprint of projects, encompassing the entire life cycle of materials and design.


Matt Chan, Founding Principal

Nominated Architect NSW 6421

Matt Chan is a multiple award winning architect with 20 years of project experience in Australia, the Netherlands and the Middle East.

Matt has been recognised for excellence in practice, research, education, and professional leadership. He has received awards for residential and public projects, such as the Australia Street Infants School COLA. In 2011 Matt was presented the NSW Emerging Architect Prize by the Australian Institute of Architects.

Matt’s project experience includes design, management and coordination across all scales of projects, from bespoke houses and small scale public projects to large-scale master planning. He has extensive experience with multi-disciplined design teams, working collaboratively to deliver design excellence.

Matt’s contribution to the public discourse includes exhibitions, talks and academia. His work has been exhibited both locally and internationally including the 2008 Venice International Architecture Biennale.

Matt Chan is an Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

Georgia Forbes-Smith, Associate Director

Georgia joined Scale in 2015. She holds a Bachelor of Design in Architecture 2013 and a Master of Architecture 2016 from the University of Sydney. Prior to joining Scale, Georgia was an Architectural Assistant for Tanner Kibble Denton Architects where she worked on a series of residential projects and the mixed-use development of Goonoo Goonoo Station in Tamworth.

In 2017, Georgia was awarded the Architects Medallion by the NSW Architects Registration board for her graduating project ‘Architecture of Measure : A Museum of Space and Time’, recognising her as the top graduate from the four schools of architecture in NSW. She was also awarded the Innovation in Architectural Design Prize for her final project and was recognised on the Dean’s List of Academic Excellence at the University of Sydney.