Monolitus Domum / Sculpture by the Sea

As part of 2019 Sculptures by the Sea, Succah by the Sea, monolitus domum  is an investigation into the relationship between domestic life and public art. This intimate urban living room will create a spatial experience that plays on enclosure and outlook.

Temporary refuge from the elements and crowds, offers moments of solitude and private gathering. A simple square form is cut across its diagonal axis, then extruded vertically, creates an architecture that explores the threshold between solid and void, enclosure and openness, public and private.

The tower element is additionally split across its diagonal axis to create two equal triangles. The first creates a kaleidoscopic view of the botanical roof, the second a deep framing of the sky.


Matt Chan, Georgia Forbes-Smith




SDA Structures


Hamish McIntosh

Bear Hunt Photography

Matt Chan


Completed 2019

Project Type