Infinity Forest

Winning Entry, Laneways By George! Hidden Networks Competition

As part of a series of temporary urban art interventions taking place in the City of Sydney, The Infinity Forest is a green oasis amongst the hard, vertical walls of Penfold’s and Hosking Place. Normally used as a shortcut or smoking area, this forgotten alley’s visitors will now find it transformed by a burst of concentrated nature.In the space between fire escapes, vehicle ramps and back door entrances, you will come upon tough timber walls that conceal a forest within. Entering this intimate urban living room, you discover yourself captured in an infinite view of a silver birch forest, where you can pause and reflect on the city above.


Matt Chan, Katie Hepworth (AU / IT), Isabel Cordeiro (NL), Monica Earl, Studio R


City of Sydney


Sydney CBD, Sydney, Australia


Sponsors: The Woodage, INlite, Atlantis


Brett Boardman, Kasia Werstak, Jamie Williams


Installation 2009

Project Type