Wilson Park Pavilion – photoshoot

More beautiful photos by Soueaststudio of our Wilson Park Pavilion. This project is home to Paramatta bike hub, a community-activated, social enterprise who use the building for their offices, bike storage and repairs as well as community workshop spaces.


Rosedale House – Nearing completion

This little red house is starting to settle into it’s bush landscape. Some WIP images being developed by Tim at Soueaststudio.


Sandy Bay House – Complete

Our sandy bay house is complete! A contemporary rear extension recessed behind an existing brick cottage. An upper steel framed balcony room provides a filter from the living spaces to the long views beyond.


Bronte House – Construction update

Our bronte house project is almost complete! Special mention goes to owner-builder Nick Millis and joinery craftsman Bruce Williams from ambidextrous projects. Test shots by Tim Clark from Soueaststudio.


Rosedale House – Construction update

We love it when our clients can start to see the spaces taking shape in a project. Tom, Julia and Juno visited the Rosedale house just as the floor and wall cassettes have been completed.

Another shout-out to Meyer Timber, Wadsworth and Bruce from Ambidextrous Projects for their collaboration on this project so far. All cassettes were delivered and installed in less than three days!


Wilson Park Pavilion – Complete

Our Wilson Park Pavilion has been completed! A huge thank you to our client SOPA and the builder AJ Bristow and Sons.

This project is an adaptive re-use of an existing brick amenities building on a highly contaminated site. Our scaffolding structure wraps around the periphery of the existing building, touching the site as lightly as possible. It both redefines the expression of the building as well as creating a new in-between space to be used as a community gallery.


Assisting in Disaster Relief Recovery

Australian Institute of Architects, facilitated by Gemma Savio, has published an article by Matt Chan title “Building Resilience and Assisting in Disaster Recovery”.

See link to the article here.

Image by Macbuild for their site assessment of the property on the 8th of January 2020.


Site visit – Spring Beach

A beautiful new bush site located on the land of the paredarerme people at Spring Beach on the East Coast of Tasmania.

In collaboration with our clients, we are looking to design a small cabin with the ambition to minimise our impact on this amazing landscape. Stay tuned!


Sandy Bay House – Construction Update

Our Sandy Bay House has commenced on site. The existing cottage will remain with minimal intervention, just enough to bring in more northern light and to connect to the rear addition.


Gerroa – Timber pre-fabrication

Our Gerroa house is a case study for implementing pre-fabricated timber cassette systems into our construction methodology for remote and/or difficult sites.

Working closely with Meyer Timber and Wadsworth, we painstakingly co-ordinated and documented each panel to allow for a quick and easy install. Total time on site was only 4 days to crane and install all the floor, wall and roof cassettes.

Huge thanks to the guys from Arc Projects for helping with the install.


Gerroa House – Steel installation

The many months of design and redesign in the office, in the pursuit of a perfectly coordinated design-fabrication model, has paid off immensely. After only 2 days of craning, every component of steel has fit together with millimetre precision.

A huge thank you to J Borelli fabrications and SDA Structures as well as advice (and counselling) from Brad, Arc Projects and Bruce, Ambidextrous Projects.