Sandy Bay House – DA approved

We are thrilled that our Sandy Bay house has been approved! A rear extension to an existing 1920s cottage that provides a much needed amenity upgrade for our client’s forever home as well as space for kids + grandkids to stay.


Rosedale House – DA approved

We are super excited to have our Rosedale House approved! As our first project in a bushfire affected community, we have designed a compact, cost-effective house which will utilise a partial pre-fabricated methodology. Stay tuned!


Rosedale House – Bushfire re-build

We are at the end of the concept design phase for our upcoming project in the fire affected community of Rosedale on the NSW South Coast. We have been working closely with our clients to provide an economic yet beautiful new home nestled in the treetops of the site.


Gerroa House – on site

First day on site for our Gerroa House with a 25 tonne machine to drill the concrete piers on the steep site (at some points over 40 degrees).


This time is ours….. and yours

We find ourselves in a moment where history is being written. As a result of Covid-19, the world will change and we sincerely hope it will change for the better. We want a kinder, more considerate place, where we understand the value of slowing down time.

Scale is still fully operational, and we are committed to bringing beauty and meaning to your lives through spaces we design. Our dedication to social responsibility has always been at the heart of our small company, yet at this moment in time, is more important than ever. Get in touch with us, this time is yours.


Gerroa House

Scale’s Seven Mile Beach house is due to start construction shortly. After successfully navigating the approvals process and designing within incredibly difficult parameters, we will be stoked to see this project in the ground.



Scale talks at Sydney Sculpture Conference 2019

Scale was honoured to present Monolitus Domum at the Sydney Sculpture Conference 2019 to an audience of artists from all over Australia.


Photoshoot at Gipps Street Terrace 2

A huge thanks to Tessa from Bo-ke Photography for the massive 3 project photoshoot day!


Sculpture by the Sea

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Office Feurerman and Shalom for the opportunity to take part in the Succah by the Sea installation at Sculpture by the Sea.



2019 Glenn Murcutt Masterclass presentation

Alongside Glenn Murcutt, Matt presented the Ockens House to the Murcutt Masterclass cohort as a part of a series of site visits across the northern beaches


Scale to exhibit at Sculpture by the Sea

We have been selected as one of six architects to exhibit in the Succah by the Sea installation at Sculpture by the Sea 2019! Stay tuned for updates.


See following links for more details – Succah by the Sea, Monolitus Domum